Reporting of the JRBP Clean Water, Septic System, & Soil Test Surveys

From 2006-2010 surveys were collected as a part of a nonpoint source pollution implementation 319 grant funded through the Departmetn of Natural Resources. Surveys were given to every person who participated in the Septic Tank Pumpout Progream, the Nutrient Managment Soil Testing Program, as well as being distributed to Nixa residence in 2006 and again in 2010. The results were compiled by Missouri State University graduate student Phillip Thompson, M.A.

Green Time for Sleep Time

Green Time for Sleep Time is a wonderful guide developed by the National Wildlife Federation with research and suggestions supporting the use of nature and outdoor time to improve your child's sleep.

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JRBP General Brochure

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Water Quality Monitoring & Load Reduction Evaluation from Residential Developmen

The Ozarks Environmental and Water Resources Institute(OEWRI)at Missouri State Univerity collected and analyzed samples over 2, 1 year monitoring periods. The purpose of this monitoring was to document nutrient loads and test effectiveness of rain gardens and a retro-fit water quality filter on an existing detention basin both in Christian County. This took place in conjuction with a nonpoint source pollution implementation 319 grant that orginated from funds allocated by the Department of Natural Resources handed down from EPA.

James River Basin Watershed Managment Plan

This Watershed Managment Plan was created through a stake-holder driven process and has been accepted by the Department of Conservation. It is a living document that will be updated every 3-5 years and is a guideline for focuses within the Middle James and Finley river watersheds.

Reducing Stormwater Costs Through Low Impact Development Strategies & Practices

An overview of benefits and costs as well many case studies compiled by the EPA in December 2007.

Status of the Watershed

Ozarks Water Watch (The Upper White River Basin Foundation has published the “Status of the Watershed” report intended to answer the question, “How’s the water?” This science based report will be published annually to promote public awareness and understanding about the quality of the water in our rivers and lakes.

Stone County Stream Report

Water Quality Evaluations of Six Stream Sites in Northern Stone County in July 2005.

Common Terminologies

A list of some common terms encounted when reading about water quality.

James River Canoe Guide

James River Canoe Guide -Currently Unavailable

The Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL)

Report is for the James River located in Webster, Greene, Christian, and Stone Counties and was prepared by the Department of National Resources

Come Explore the James River

A short overview of floating the James.

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